Learning Resources

Change the Story is developing learning resources to support teachers at Key Stage 2.

The learning resources will provide activities and lessons plans. They will focus on four broad phases on learning:

Understanding the past - collecting climate stories from community elders to experience how climate change and the causes of the climate crisis (e.g. transport) have affected their community.

  • Exploring action today - meeting with community members who are taking action today to address the climate crisis; investigating action from wider afield.
  • Creating stories for tomorrow - using digital technology to create compelling new stories about how the climate crisis will be addressed in their community, and sharing these with partner schools in other countries.
  • Active citizenship - identifying and encouraging actions with the community to address the climate crisis.

The use of digital tools and developing digital competences will be a theme running through all the learning.

We are currently piloting learning resources with four primary schools. If you are interested to take part please get in touch. Alternatively, we will be releasing completed resources from autumn 2021.

The learning resources are based on a TPACK model which is being adapted for climate crisis education. You can review an early version of the model.

Based on the adapted TPACK model, we have created a detailed learning framework to guide the development of detailed Schemes of Work and lesson plans. You can review a draft version. This is also summarised in a short draft handbook for teachers.