Change the Story
Creating new climate stories across Europe

Learning Resources

Change the Story learning resources are pitched at upper KS2 (ages 9-11), but the activities involved have also been successfully delivered for Year 4 (ages 8-9) and could be adapted for use at KS3 (ages 11-14).

The resources follow a framework where pupils explore processes of change: firstly, past-to-present changes, then a look at present-day change-makers, before creating their own digital change stories for the future. The project builds up to these future stories and pupils may wish to view what others have done to get inspiration and to clarify what they are working towards.

We recommend using the resources below together with the Teacher Support resources. These provide an underpinning for the Change the Story approach, tools for planning your teaching and support in creating digital stories. You will also find some specific pupil guidance for developing stop animation videos under the digital story making support.

Supporting Resources

Each part contains supporting resources in the annexes, and also below to make printing worksheets easier.